Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Post 3: Oz minus 5 days and counting....

Where have the last three weeks gone?

We are now all packed up, out of our house and living like Nomads, out of bags, with minimal clothes until we fly on Monday at 21.30 (ish!). There isn't much to update you all with really, just that the kids are finding all of this incredibly hard and don't understand what on earth is going on. I think, once we all get there, we will sleep for a week!

Our plans this week include staying with friends tomorrow, out for dinner on Friday with Auntie Jan and Uncle Kevin, out for dinner on Saturday with The Watsons, back to Auntie Lel's on Sunday and a mad haircut and visit to the bank on Monday before leaving Dorking at about 5.30pm!

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